Long-term advertising

We are going through difficult times for entrepreneurs: advertising allows a very specific budget, which must work 100%! Let\'s see the ways, one can communicate his products or services: post / article in a newspaper or magazine - (weekly / monthly base), yellow pages - (once per year), Google campaign, or banners - (per click advertising)... but each of them request continuously investment! Otherwise – the audience will forget about you and your money will work just for the certain short time. What is the solution? How can you invest just once and continue having effects for the years following?


Plastic Member Card - Smart Card – is the perfect long time advertising. But how can this kind of card make you save money and how does it bring you the client back again and again?

The holder of the card

  • Prefer shopping from the supermarket the card belongs to. The bonus system gives him discounts and presents
  • Doesn’t change his hairdresser because the member card gives him always the best discounted price
  • Is a member of a gym and a club-card holder

The more cards you print – the more customers you win. The owner will never throw away the card: he’ll put it in his wallet. He knows that this way he’ll save money and can have some other privileges too.

The plastic card with laminated coating cannot be scratched or stained, it will be in use for years - and that\'s why we call it \"Long-term advertising\". The branding company \"Startup\", specialized in the designing of corporate identities, is printing Plastic Smart Cards and offers new, better prices even for the run of less then 200 cards! The quality of our plastic laminated cards are the same as bank cards, but the cost is incomparably lower than on the Greek market. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of any business without overburdening it, to make possible print plastic cards matching the quality of the world level.

We print perfect quality PVC material with laminated coating. Membership cards, Access Cards with Chip or Magnetic Stripe and RFID / Proximity cards as well.


Today or never

Understanding the requirements of the time and listening to the needs of entrepreneurs Startup company designs corporate identities and printing plastic cards.

Believing that creative minds are not constricted by financial or political obstacles and that we are living in an era of innovation and new ideas, we create corporate identities for new companies and recreate for mature businesses. The goal is to give an advantage to beginners and improve the quality of the graphic design for every company that needs to be renewed.