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We need to disclose our services to new companies and small entrepreneurs. If you know how and possess communication skills, contact us.

3D Animator

If your experience in the field of 3D technologies is longer than 3 years, if you are not afraid to experiment with programs, although difficulties and unfamiliar stuff attract you, send us links of your favorite works and a brief CV.


Are you interested in working in your environment because this way you work effectively? What platform do you use and why do you prefer it? Attach links from the work you have done, as well as some details on which platforms they were made on.


You have painted lots of cards and papers, pad painting does not fit in the drawer, the pencil / pen is always in your hand? We would like to see your sketches, which you are proud of. Even better, if you handle Wacom tablet.


Creation and liberation of the mind - are two concepts that express you. Share with us the best you've written.


We are looking for talents. If you have ideas that may seem crazy and hardly applicable for others - please contact us.