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The company Startup is a branding company specializing on design of a logo & corporate identity and printing plastic PVC cards as well. The company's design team consists of a designer, programmer, photographer and a copywriter, each of whom is responsible for his own part of the project.



The way we work differs significantly from that of the other advertising agencies. The independent work of different partners in their own well-equipped work place allows us to avoid the often unbearable load of renting a large space or monthly wage of employees. This means that the operating expenses of our company are not an additional charge on the final project cost. When we create a corporate identity, we are based on your preferences. Your individual aesthetic makes your corporate identity. In the process of designing a corporate site, for example, the customer is not burdened financially for additional forms or tables of all kinds, unnecessary graphics or animation that can affect negatively the perception of the site and navigation.



The completion of a work we undertake is based on mutual cooperation with the customer. It is a fact that the best possible result is achieved only through cooperation and mutual contribution of both sides. Only this way we can reach a dialogue and manage to dig the same tunnel from both ends and not two tunnels that will diverge.



Conscious how invaluable time is, as a rule we deliver the finished project always on a strictly predefined deadline. A quality product requires sufficient time for preparation and completion. Otherwise there are many risks. The customer may receive an incomplete project that subsequently will need to be processed more than once and will not meet at any level his expectations. The completion of a project in our company is based on proper organization and the adherence to a strict timetable. Thus, we save time, which in no case, however, implies an unfinished product. The project is delivered ready for immediate use in the form of an innovative integrated package.



Startup is not a huge advertising company where customers’ questions and suggestions are getting lost in the folders of innumerable workers. Your suggestions and all your requests reach directly the person responsible for the project and are being processed as soon as possible. Professional conscience governs our perception and guarantees a perfect result. The creator of the various projects we undertake is not an anonymous employer. In contrast, under each finished product our signature is to be found - proof of the great sense of responsibility and quality pledge of our work.

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